Sunday, August 22, 2010

Order Catalogue


Mixed Manias & Sorrow Songs cassette
3 new songs. total DIY constructed package.
hand painted, stenciled, screened, glued.
50 copies. Limited number on blue cassette.


Quantis/Coma Regalia split 7"
Quantis from Malaysia offer up 3 songs in the vein of Louise Cypher and Jerome's Dream with a recording that's arguably as good as it gets. Coma Regalia brings their two man orchid/pg99 inspired punk to the other side with 3 songs full of fury and energy. die cut/stenciled/hand screened covers. 250 on black. 250 on randomly mixed color.


Ache/Emelie st CDEP
5 songs of angst laden beauty that's been compared to as diverse acts as Saetia, You and I and Cursive.

John Q Public/The Browns split 7"
3 songs by JQP and one original New Bomb Turks style track from the Browns and a cover of "Bullet" by the Misfits for good measure.

The Falsies "Theory + Motion" CD
11 songs. New York hardcore sounding punk with breakdowns that border on metallic and emo all at once.

John Q Public/ The Falsies split CD.
4 songs from each band. JQP comibine fast punk rock a la Lifetime with melodic breaks comparable to Leatherface while the Falsies come straight at you with old New York sounding hardcore.

John Q Public "The Neverending Why" CD
the debut full length. a more mature, melodic hardcore sound.
comparable to Lifetime or Propagandhi.

John Q Public "Want to See You Die" 7"
10 songs of full on blazing punk hardcore in the vein of Battalion of Saints,
Adolescents. Maximum RocknRoll called it "a full on assault of the senses"

John Q Public/Product Four split 7"
5 snotty punk hardcore songs from JQP. 2 ska influenced melodic tunes from
Canada's PF. "finally... two punk bands with something to say" -Maximum RocknRoll

"Put Those Cookies Back" Comp CD with 25 songs from 19 bands. Incl: Funeral Oration, Link 80, John Q Public, White Trash Superman, more...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Now Available

Quantis/Coma Regalia split 7"
Hand Painted/Stenciled/Screened Covers
Three songs from each band.